Not knowing this album is like never having heard Beethoven's 5th

Remember back in April of 1800 when
Beethoven premiered his first symphony?
I don't either, but I've heard it was CRAZY.
He started on a dominant chord.
And it wan't even the V of the key?!
I know this is funny to think about now but shaking conventions up is sometimes a sign of creative genius, and that's exactly what Miles Davis was doing when he departed from his sound and style at the time and produced an album centered around modal tonality, Kind of Blue.
This album is really palatable, even to people who aren't into jazz. It's one of the jazz albums I could listen to front to back anytime, and a good litmus for you if you aren't sure whether you want to play jazz or not.
Even if you never listen to or play jazz, this album has an important place in the history of western music, so you need to know it. You will be filling one of the holes left by a strictly classical education.
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