Why Stringlingo?


Music is language. Often students new to improv are intimidated, have no idea how to start and are quickly overwhelmed. They need a guide who understands how to interpret dialects, as well as structure the learning process.

Daniel Plane has a passion for bowed strings. His classical training on the cello provides him with a deep understanding of technique that he has extended to the guitar, mandolin, and violin.

His abilities as a cellist and violinist inform his educational method and give him a unique advantage that many other teachers lack.

This underpins his ability to integrate numerous musical styles into his playing and teaching. Daniel has helped to pioneer extended techniques on the cello, and is a seasoned improviser in a number of styles. Classically trained at Interlochen Arts Academy and The Longy School of Music, he also attended the Berklee School of music where exposure to Bluegrass, Klezmer, and Jazz fanned his passion for roots music. Since graduating from Longy his principal focus has been the study and performance of folk music traditions on the violin, mandolin, guitar, and cello. His abilities as a multi-instrumentalist have created fertile ground for developing harmonic approaches to the cello that are shared by only a handful of people in the world.

Loralyn Staples, Arizona

"I have long wished for a GOOD violin improvisation class as a supplement for my violin and fiddle students, and I finally found it! The String Lingo improv primer is a perfect fit. It provides a creative outlet for my classical students, and also provides a crucial resource for my fiddle students to start learning improv. I feel comfortable sending my students to Daniel's classes knowing they will get reliable information from a true expert. String Lingo classes are fun to complete, they are organized, they have printable materials, and best of all, they are structured so that almost any playing level can participate. They can be "amped up" to challenge even a professional violinist like myself! I highly recommend String Lingo as a studio supplement."

Learn from a pro who isn't just a good player


Many students make the mistake of assuming that just because someone is a great player they must be a great teacher. Teaching is an art and a craft, just as much as playing an instrument or developing stage presence is an art and a craft. Daniel has logged thousands of hours teaching lessons and training his students in effective principles. His understanding of numerous and varied musical styles will offer you insight into developing your improv style and the "linguistic" elements needed to build a clear approach to playing off the cuff that matches your goals and desires.

Complimenting this, his thousands of hours of experience onstage, performing varied styles beyond classical (such as jazz and swing, bluegrass, blues, and jamband rock) give him a unique advantage as an performer-instructor.

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