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Gypsy Jazz Violin skills?

We've streamlined the process into a 4 week course to steepen your learning curve. Scroll down to learn more and to see ability level requirements...

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Build an intuitive map

Work with common chord progressions in order to create a foundation for language

Learn 3 great tunes inside and out

Melody, harmony, rhythm.....there is so much to cover. That's why we look at example solos and variations to get you primed for the possibilities

Become a better improvisor

There's no way to learn how to improvise if you don't try. Unlock the secrets to effective practice and learn how to approach ANY tune!

You've given me a roadmap that no other teacher has done, and believe me, I've had plenty of lessons.
In a way, you have compiled all the bits and pieces I tried to learn into one system, so that now I can keep going back and pick out different elements to work on. These four lessons are a treasure trove of tips, tricks and exercises that will keep me going until I go to the big jazz jam in the sky.
- Patsy M
The clearest improv and jazz overview roadmap I've found
- Mike H

Learn some basic approaches to a fun and exquisite style

  • Melodic variation
  • Swing rhythms and bowings
  • What scales to use
  • Licks and ornaments

.....and most importantly: a simple protocol for learning any tune!

What you get/how it goes:

  • Access to the course for a year starts immediately and lasts for one year
  • Post questions and comments in any lesson!
  • Intro to the style - elements, history
  • Focus on one tune per week
  • Downloadable charts and melodies for each tune, including melodic variations
  • Example solos
  • Stringlingo fingerboard charts provide a clear visual of chords and scales!
  • Guided processes that demonstrate how to practice for improv (can be applied to any tune later on!)
  • Licks and other stylistic tools
  • BONUS: Access to previous live class recordings

Course cost: $97

       (includes a 15 day money back guarantee!)

Some things to keep in mind:

This is designed for intermediate to advanced players. Before you let that intimidate you consider this: You can get a lot out of this course if you are comfortable with all the basic hand shapes on the violin (suzuki book 3 or higher) and even more if you are comfortable in 2nd and 3rd positions. Previous experience improvising helpful but not necessary!

If you've never learned music BY EAR, you might consider the improv primer instead.

With a 15 day money back guarantee, there's no risk to you!

If you aren't happy we aren't either. 

Please note this course is best designed for students comfortable with all basic hand shapes (Suzuki book 3 and higher)

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