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In the fall of 2020, Annika and Daniel realized they had a small window of time to finally record some of their favorite traditional tunes together.  Daniel was back in the Pioneer Valley for a few months to sell his home and Annika was expecting her first child in a few weeks, so they put on their masks, scooped up their instruments, and headed into a cozy recording studio for the afternoon. Everything on the album was recorded in one or two takes and reflects years of musical friendship. 

This album has been a long time coming, and celebrates the traditional tunes we love and the joy of improvising together. Sometimes you'll be hearing just a fiddle and cello, sometimes a cross tuned fiddle or 5 string cello - but it's all a glimpse into two friends making the music they love to make. Whether you are a student or a music appreciator, we hope it makes you smile, and maybe even learn something about a tune you are working on.

We owe a special thanks to Bill Hunt for recording and engineering, Jon Neufeld for mastering, and Caroline Kimball for the beautiful cover art.

We hope you enjoy the album!

Daniel & Annika

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