Cellists - it's time to learn to improvise!

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From a student

Moving from relying 100% on sheet music to feeling comfortable using my ear to pick out a tune and to then improvise was amazing! This course gave me the tools to make that possible (and enjoyable!) - Lorrie C

From a teacher

If you have wanted to tackle the awesome skill of improvisation, THIS IS WHERE TO START! Daniel Plane is just the right combination of an expert player AND a true teacher. I am so much more confident and capable of improvisation now!
 - Loralyn Staples, Red Desert Violin

From a beginner

I felt very supported even though I am a beginning player and there were many advanced people in the class. I took the class to improve my ear and finished the class with the inspiration that even I could do a little improv with a bit more practice of the building blocks that were taught in the course. Excellent course! - Mary B

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 The Improv Primer Training for Cellists

 Is improvisation scary or befuddling?

Join a growing community of learners like you!

Whether you are new to improv or not, you won't want to miss this!

(Minimum prerequisite is familiarity with extensions and 2nd position, or Suzuki book 2 proficiency.

Students will get even more if they are comfortable with extensions and shifting to 4th position - or Suzuki book 3 proficiency)

Enrich your musicianship with the principles and practices in this course, whether you are classically trained or have zero formal training!

Topics Will Include

Applied theory and ear training

Deep Listening

Hearing patterns and lingo

Cello CHORDS/Playing backup


12 Bar Blues and phrasing

Nurturing Creativity

Working with motif

Style overview of 4 common genres

and more...


What's included

  • Six weeks of video trainings
  • Practice ideas and templates for all skill levels
  • Guided practice videos
  • Foundational lingo (licks and patterns)
  • PDFs of exercises for those who need sheet music
  • Community forum
  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Founder's Circle lifetime membership

Transform your playing with a minimum 15-30 minutes/day commitment. The only prerequisites are ability to play through 2nd position and the desire to learn and stretch yourself!

EVERY weekly topic in this course could be a whole course in itself, so having continued access will allow you to grow more by revisiting the principles at your leisure!

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Course value

Online lessons with walkthroughs

In person group coaching (limited time only!)

Community of learners

Offered for $147

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For Six Weeks of inspired learning and foundational principles that last a lifetime

Course Access begins immediately

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"this is the best workshop I've taken."


"This class is mind bending....We’re frequently told it’s important to go beyond hearing and really listen to what is being said or played, but that’s not the same as being taught how to do those things....this class is perfect"

Play like you have something to say


Learn the principles that WORK and can be applied for the rest of your life, along with some basic and practical vernacular that is the foundation of modern improvised music

Be a better musician

Don't just practice - learn to practice SMART

Enroll in a course that's designed to take you through a practice regimen step by step

Gain confidence in yourself

Success starts at home. Experiment and learn in the safety of your own space, and take your successes to the community for feedback and integration. Join a community of like-minded learners who bring value to your musical journey. 

I should take this course if...

  • I want to find more freedom in my playing
  • I can play well in first position on my instrument
  • I am excited/scared to learn new styles
  • I have some experience playing other styles
  • I've never improvised and don't know where to start
  • I'm comfortable improvising but want to learn more or need direction
  • I want to learn to backup other musicians
  • I want help structuring practice around improv/modern styles

I should NOT take this course if...

  • I'm unwilling to take risks
  • I only want to learn off sheet music (refuse to explore by ear)
  • I don't want to think creatively
  • I just want to figure it out myself
  • I am a well versed, experienced improvisor, or already fluent in modern styles (save your money - we'll have more for you later!)   ;-)

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